Atune yoga is accessible to everyone. Rooted in the tradition of Yoga Therapy and the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, Atune yoga is a place where the yoga practice is created for you specifically. Due to the fact that our day consists of many demands, Atune yoga is accessible to everyone in a variety of formats; making your yoga practice not a chore but a natural part of your day. Atune yoga is here to aid in restoring the natural balance of mind and body.

Atune Yoga offers: GyJaFioVGiQF5iG2XrpMpdbf5IqLiCrXWfXEvs03ldYeowzY4I04Wf8oAB8bwK7AvTCjeeH9KKMnLN_gmGECKw
• retreats
• private lessons
• corporate yoga classes
• public studio classes
• workshops

How do I know if Atune yoga can help me?
If you are interested in having a daily practice and learning to heal yourself, then yoga therapy is for you. We all have imbalances, this is only natural, the idea of the individual practice is to make the yoga practice most effective for you specifically, rather than going to a group class and receiving a general practice. A private practice is a great way to compliment other activities in your life and does not mean that you have to give up other yoga practices. With the guidance of a yoga therapist you will learn proper breathing, asana (postures) and meditation techniques to assist you on your path to attunement.

“Allison has been a inspiration to me as a guide and teacher for my yoga practice. I have worked with Allison in a group and individual setting and have found her to be patient encouraging and fun. She is very talented and I would recommend her highly.”
-Sally Sparling, CEO Northwest Cardiovascular Institute, LLP

Please email atuneallie(at) with any questions or comments, or for more information.


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